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Aug 25, 2015 by Tommy Lamar

Simsonite Creations Rushn 2 Airbrushn (SCR2) have mastered the techniques of airbrush artistry. Their colorful designs have astounded many of patrons because of their uniqueness in the field airbrush artistry. They have an array of jaw dropping exhibits that everyone will surely admire. Airbrush painting is a difficult medium that yields breathtaking outcomes in the hands of true artists. Colors, simple, clearly defined forms, shapes, patterns and textures are created through the modulation and control of the airbrush. It is a very difficult mode of artistry that only an expert can deliver.

On the other hand, Rodney K. Sims’ artwork echoes the golden age of airbrush color, and harbors scenes infused with reality and surrealism. SCR2 can create from picturesque scenes to machines, or brood-like characters and even outlandish creations that everyone will truly admire. SCR2 have mastered the art of airbrush painting. You can detect echoes of the visible artistry in every artwork that they create. The best thing is Rodney K. Sims’ masterpieces look absolutely amazing when worn as a design on your favorite jacket or top!

Aug 25, 2015 by Garett Norton

For those who are into airbrush artwork, there are plenty of very impressive and creative artworks to see at Simsonite Creations Rushn 2 Airbrushn’ (SCR2) art collection. Diverse themed artworks can be seen in SRC2’s gallery. As the veil between the real world and the realm of the imaginary, there are more enchanting creatures and effects in the artworks. The emphasis is more on creativity, altered beings, creatures, cartoons, heroic characters and virtually any artwork that you desire. I am very impressed with SRC2’s delightful exhibition of airbrush colors. The illustration and designs exhibit so much artistic creativity in realistic, futurism and surrealism and I think that is the trademark in all of SRC2 themes.
I highly recommend everyone to check out their gallery of wonderful artworks. Better yet, avail some of their cool apparel and prepare to turn heads wherever you go!

Aug 25, 2015 by Connie Kyle

Airbrush is a pretty impressive art in the contemporary world. It is a fresh art that always amazes everyone in every way. Simsonite Creations Rushn 2 Airbrushn (SCR2) have a collection of artworks whose theme is a mixture of surrealism, funkiness, cyber feel, punk, cartoonish, and explores utopic territories of art possible. It's quite a hardcover feel of artistry that everyone can be drawn to. SCR2 has captured every essence of creativity in every artwork that Rodney K. Sims presents, from murals to apparels; the designs are just absolutely ingenious! Just look at the illustrations, banners, murals and much more, you can see the originality that will captivate your imagination.

Some other samples of SCR2’s artworks can be seen in ceramics, sign boards, models, backpacks, helmets, shirts, vehicles and so much more. I love their 3D art with psychedelic colors, steampunk creations and a lot more. Many of SCR2’s airbrush paintings involve a kaleidoscope of unique artworks warped in an imaginative conception. Others are fused with trans-human creations and creatures. Many of Rodney K. Sims art pieces are quite breathtaking to even describe. They can put their airbrush artworks on virtually anything!

scr2 , USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 Simsonite Creations Rushn 2 Airbrushn (SCR2) have mastered the techniques of airbrush artistry. Their colorful designs have astounded many of patrons because of their uniqueness in

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